Harvey Noticeable Is Earliest To Do Donald Trump Bio Pic / Screenplay Proves Too Raunchy By Ratings Board

Mas Tarde


A Day the Earth Stood Still

A Day the Earth Stood Still

Senor Flyonthewall photographs after the fact a Berkeley CA mass of people 40 years ago on a day he wasn’t there . . .

Contextualized Meaninglessness

Contextualized Meaninglessness

Senor Flyonthewall lounges amongst strangers in his usual place of worship.

A Man Who Mapped Himself Aging

A Man Who Mapped Himself Aging

Senor Flyonthewall Maps Himself Transitioning Into Superannuation.

An Anonymous Ignominious Death Reblogged on Social Media

An Anonymous Ignominious Death Reblogged on Social Media

Each of us has the right to a private and dignified death.